Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Working in my room.....

So I typed this up last night and forgot to hit publish......

This week is our work week to finish up our room before the kiddos come for meet and greet on Friday.  I have so much left to do!!!  The very first thing I did on Monday was make a new to do list which included the 40 most important things!!!  40!?!?!  Yes 40.....crazy that I have so much left to do but it's nice and satisfying as I get to cross each one off of my list!

I'm working on some more things for my classroom which means I'll have more stuff in the store before long but for now, I just have some pictures of my classroom from today.  It's beginning to look more like a classroom and less like a closet. =)

 My "Juggling Jobs" chart.....need to get the letters put up and the student tags made

 Word wall letters for the students to fill in
 Color words
 Calendar and birthdays - I'm doing my morning calendar time on the promethean board
Excuse the excess red tape on the left side.....I love my alphabet train!

Today we found out that the school was able to hire another first grade teacher!!!! YIPPEE!!!  I was so excited because that means my class size drops by quite a few.  I believe that I should have under 20 kiddos now!!! I'll get my roster tomorrow to know for sure!

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!!!

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