Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to training today and a calendar FREEBIE!!

We had a wonderful weekend with some puttputt golf and shopping to end off our summer.  Today I'm back in training for something.  Is it wrong of me that I don't remember?  I'm sure I'll know more after class but so many trainings causes the brain to forget what exactly we are going to talk about!  What have/will you be trained in before school?  Do you like professional development days?

This weekend I also worked  on attendance charts for my classroom, one for each month.  I plan to incorporate attendance into my morning calendar time but I'll explain more on that later once it's all finished.  For now however, I have some August apples to use on your calendar or in a math/numbers center.

You can pick them up at my store, First Grade Circus.  Enjoy and happy Monday!!!!


  1. Thank you!! I have other plans for them but we will have to see how it all turns out!

    First Grade Circus

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog post yesterday for Monday Made It! It led me here and I'm your newest follower! :) Look forward to sharing ideas in blogland! :)

    Teaching Maddeness

    1. Thanks for following me! Your Monday Made It's yesterday were seriously the cutest things!!!!