Saturday, August 4, 2012

First Decorations

Circus decorations are hard to find!!!  I was able to score a pack of banners from Party City with a "carnival" theme that work well on three of my four walls in my classroom.  It was three banners and a welcome sign made out of plastic for about $20.....a little steep for my taste but it was about all I could find at the time.   My first order of business in my classroom - hang them up!

If your school is like mine, I had to be really careful not to block any fire alarm signs, sprinklers,  or exit lights.  Once everything was hung up, I asked my new best friend J (our maintenance guy) to come inspect my room JUST to make sure that it would pass the official review.  It passed so now my room looks like this!

I also set up my furniture in my classroom in order to get a feel for the size of it.  If you look in the second picture I have three tables on one side of the room with two on the other side of the room.  Should I leave it like that or make a U shape with them?  

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