Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The first week, a hurricane and a FREEBIE!!!!

Well I have successfully finished my first week in first grade!!!!  Whew!  They are SOOOOO different from my fourth graders last year!!  I'm worn out!   They have had countless green runny noses.  One got sick all over his table, our floor and the hall.  They call my name a million times a day.  O.k. so maybe more like one hundred but it feels like a million!  On a brighter note, I have six students who tested high/above average in reading and math.  I'm really excited to see what I can push them to do and how far they can go this year!

I've been so worn out since school started that I haven't shared pics of my finished room so I was going to share some tonight but Blogger is being a pain and won't upload my pics..... =(  I guess that gives me something else to share on another day!

We are out of school tomorrow for our first hurricane of the season.  This gives me a little bit of extra time to breathe, catch up, and revamp a few things for my room.  One thing that I noticed with my students is that they have a hard time with direction words like circle, color, underline and write.  Therefore, I created four half sheet posters to illustrate each direction word.  I am hoping that this will help some of them begin to be independent learners.

You can pick up the four mini posters for free here!!

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