Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Surviving the first few weeks of school!!

Yes, I have survived!!  Today marks the end of our third full week 
of school (we started on a Wednesday)  and I can honestly say 
that my students are pretty much where I want them to be.  
Yes I still have some friends who need to be constantly reminded
 of the rules but for the most part, by golly, we've got it!  

Most of our first week was spent learning rules and procedures.  My 
students are definitely chatty and some have difficulty remembering 
procedures but most of them are very eager to please and that helped
make our transition to first grade a great one.  

As we were learning about our math tools and how to use them, we worked on 
patterns.  I find this to be an easy start each year because students usually understand 
patterns really well.  Since this is a slightly advanced class, I decided to see if they 
could "name" the pattern with letters.  

They were proud to show off their patterns to me.  Most of them were excited that 
I wanted to take a picture of them.  

They were so cute and worked so hard but I can't tell you how many times we 
had to "catch" our frogs hopping all over the floor.  It was a MESS!!! 

We loved our roll and color sheets from Little Miss Kindergarten!!  You can get them here!

They were lots of fun until one friend would win and the other would throw a fit 
and provided lots of opportunities in learning how to win and how to lose politely.

Here's a pic of my youngest enjoying an ice cream to celebrate the end of
his first week!!

Does your school require that essential questions be posted in your room
for students to view?  Our school does so I have been creating pages to 
hang on the walls with the essential questions from our reading series, Wonders.

Here's a peek at my latest set from Unit 2!!

Click on the picture to be taken to the item in my store!  Want to win it??  Leave a comment telling me when you started school or will start school this year!  I will pick one winner tomorrow evening!


  1. We started August 21st!


  2. We started school on August 29th.