Monday, September 9, 2013

Whole Brain what??

Today was my first day in fifth grade and it was amazing.  My classes are really 
well-behaved and all around great kids.  I know we will have a great year but imagine
my surprise when none of them had ever heard any part of whole brain teaching.  
Actually that may be a little bit of a fabrication,  they knew to say "yes!" when I said
"class" but that was it!!!

They looked at me like I had three heads when I asked them.....
practically had to beg talk.  In a couple classes, I 
had to stop the conversations and tell them that I needed to 
hear more talking.  Some were scared to turn their neighbors and
chat.  Boy, I have NEVER had this problem before!

We were about to cover the five classroom rules, partner share with "teach/ok", 
and "class/yes".  I taught them all about the scoreboard and 
every class beat me.  They really were that good.   We used "mirror words"
for our classroom rules.  I did not use "Hands & Eyes" because they are in 
my opinion a bit old for that one.

I think we really are going to have a great time 
learning our social studies using whole brain.  They really
seemed to like mirror words.  Even the "too cool" boys were doing the
hand motions with me.  

Tomorrow, we start our first real unit with our first real lesson.  I've created my 
flipchart so that the information is sent out in chunks with talking and sharing in 
between the chunks.  That always seems to be my weakness.  Once I start
talking, I have trouble stopping.  Surely you don't have that problem right?!?!  
I knew you didn't!!  

Just as a reminder, if you want my classroom rules (whole brain of course) 
on polka dot papers, you can find them in my store here.

I hope you have a great week.  Check back later in the week for a 
recap of our group project which is on Wednesday! 

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