Sunday, August 4, 2013

Class Lists, Meet & Greet, and a GIVEAWAY

A while back I had received what I thought was my class had 23 kids on it....I was 
shocked and stressed to have so many firsties.  Since then, I've seen that lots of you
have that many or more on your lists.  After receiving my first list, my class grew to 26, and then to "too many kids to have in one class" so now they have taken back my list as they sort through exactly what to do with my sweeties.  

Tomorrow I get my class list AND tomorrow I meet my babies for the first time.  I hope that somewhere in there I have time to put their names on least one thing before they come in.  I have never in my 13 years of teaching had to do it so last minute but if it keeps me from having 26 or more kids I'm all for it.

Tonight at midnight, my giveaway ends so be sure to check it out here!!  

 Thanks for stopping by!!  

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