Thursday, June 27, 2013

Teacher $ Days and a $ special!

So earlier today, A Teacher Without A Class offered to let me link up with her Teacher $ Days linky. Yay for them including the new girl!!!

A Teacher without a Class

I was so excited to get home today and see that my recent order from Oriental Trading had come in!!!  Here are some of the great $ deals that I got for my classroom....

100th day dangly things (like that technical term?)  - $1.19

100th day wall cut outs - $1.09

HUGE (think 2 feet) wall decor for 100th day - $1.49

BUT the real reason I was there was to get a few of these....

Foam dice!!! Can you say quiet centers?? No?  Well at least the dice won't be making the noise this year.  These don't technically fit in the "$1" range because they are $4 for 12 but that's 12 foam dice.  That makes each one only .33 cents!  YAY!!!

In honor of $1 days, I've marked down each of my writing center packs to $1.50 for one day.  Click on the picture of the writing pack to take you to that product in my store.

Well that's all the $1 deals I have for now.  Thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. Thanks for linking up!!! I love new people!

  2. Awesome $1 finds! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Awesome finds! I also found some dollar dice! them!

    Sliding into First!