Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Working in my room, pictures, and a giveaway coming soon!!

If you've been following along with my journey, you know that Friday at lunch 
I left my almost set up classroom in order to get a larger one.  
I've worked really hard since then to 
"catch up" to where I was when I decided to move rooms.

Yesterday and today, my boys and I have spent full
work days in my room (read that as 8-5) in hopes of 
it being finished by the time I go back for inservices on Thursday.
How in the world is it already time to go back to school?!?!?  

With the exception of cleaning some more of my junk and 
decorating the last bulletin board (which is behind some stuff that needs
to be moved out of my room to another room, we are pretty much done with all that I can 
do before I get student names.  

Here's some pictures of what it looked like today when we left.....

This is going to be a student work board after school starts but I hated to leave it bare
so I put all of the encouraging monster posters
in the middle of it.  My banner across the ceiling is the same one 
I used last year.

On the far left is my schedule for each day.  Color word balloons in the center and my 5 WBT 
rules are on the right.  The red pockets on the right hold my papers for each day.

My calendar....I obviously don't do calendar time.  I've never felt that it was as beneficial to my 
students as it was time-consuming for me.  We do 
morning work in the mornings that covers both math and ELA as a review
but we do not do calendar time.  The white paper under my calendar is our "Strive 65" 
behaviors and the poster will hold my birthdays once I know who my kids are.  Oh yeah, you
thought I had gotten my kids right because I said last time I had 23 but we now have so 
many that we may have to adjust or add a teacher so I may lose some.  
The empty spaces under the birthday poster will hold our school monthly calendar and lunch calendar.

Off to the right of this one you can see the bulletin board that I have not finished.  My hall board is done but I am waiting on names so I will share it later.

This weekend I'll be celebrating my one year blogiversary and my 100 follower celebration!!  Someone will win my entire store as well as prizes from a few other fabulous ladies who have
been gracious enough to share with us!!!  Come back Friday for a chance to win!!!

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