Monday, July 1, 2013

July Currently, What I Won, and Giveaway Reminder

What?!?!?  It's already July?!?!  I know...I can't believe it either!  I just couldn't bring myself to link up with Farley at Oh Boy! Fourth Grade early on this Currently linky.  I had to wait until it was actually July because I am certainly NOT wishing my summer away!  I'm enjoying it way too much!

LISTENING:  We were listening to Tom and Jerry the cartoon as my kiddos ate their gourmet lunch of sandwiches and cheetos.  They love summer as much as I do - lazy days of TV, DS's, and board games - which is good since we are hitting 100 degrees most days here and it's brutally hot!  

LOVING: I won!! I won!!  I was so excited to win!  My goal for next year (which you have heard me say a thousand times and which you will get tired of hearing about) is to create better writers in my students.  I don't feel I did enough writing activities this past year.  Therefore, I've been working on writing centers in great detail all summer long.  Also, I've been looking for ideas to use each day for writing journals.  That's when I came across Smiling in Second Grade's blogpost this past Thursday!  Her throwback Thursday post was about writing journals and boy, did her work look amazing!  You can check it out in her TPT store here.  

I plan to use them a little differently than she did.  I am going to have the prompt (which I will pick) ready to go after we return from lunch.  This will help my kiddos readjust to being back in the room after our adventures in the lunch room lunch period.  I'm so excited about using her kit this year!

THINKING:  I need printer ink.  Can you relate?  I always find amazing things on TPT that I need to print, print, print and those little cartridges definitely do NOT last long enough!

WANTING:  I want to go work in my classroom because decorating is the "fun" part but I need to focus and get all of my work that can be done at home finished first.  It's boring but it has to be done.  I'm going to try to wait a couple more weeks before I head off to school.

NEEDING:  So I've finished a few of my writing centers but I have SOOOOO many left to go.  I really need to settle in and work on those.  It's repetitive and semi-boring but it will be such a big help once I'm completely finished!

TIPS,TRICKS, and GIVEAWAYS:  Well I'm fairly new to routinely blogging but the biggest help so far to me has been to participate in giveaways and linky parties.  This seems to draw the most people to your blog.  

I hope you all have a great Monday!  I'm off to finish another writing center and hopefully get some printing done!

OH YEAH, don't forget about the giveaway here on my blog.  My boys will pick a number Wednesday!


  1. Bridget!

    I just got printer ink yesterday! I was thinking the same thing, they never last as long as they should!

    I'm heading over to your giveaway now!

    The Frizz

    The Frizz in First Grade

    1. Would you believe that I'm already almost out of black ink??? Now I have printed 4 weeks worth of centers and teacher table activities but still.....almost out AGAIN. Wait til I tell my husband that I need more ink. He will think I'm nuts!

  2. Oh my goodness, if I could count all the money I spend on printer ink... I would be a billionaire!

    I can't wait to check out your giveaway!

    Your newest follower,
    MOORE Fun In Kindergarten